Our Products
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Our Products


Corrugated Paper Board & Carton.

Expertise in design & manufacture of Corrugated Paper Board & Carton

With 36 years experience in the corrugated packaging industry since 1984, Far East Corrugated Carton Industrial Sdn.Bhd. take pride in offering your business a vast range of corrugated packaging, cardboard products and unique solutions.

Aware of the importance of quality and efficiency, we are constantly upgrading our equipment to fulfill our customers’ demand for quality. Setting ourselves apart from the competitors, our arsenal include an extra large die cut machine capable of diecutting boards 2.3m in length, as well as machines with process printing capability.

Please see below for the full range of corrugated cardboard packaging you can source from Far East Corrugated, or alternatively get in touch to discuss your upcoming requirements.

Types Of Carton Box Design

Corrugated board
  • Corrugated Board has two main components. The linerboard is the flat paper that makes up both sides of the board and the medium is the fluted paper in between the liners.
  • Single Wall:The medium is between two sheets of linerboard.
  • Double Wall:Three sheets of linerboard with two mediums in between. Great if you are stacking heavy items. It provides extra padding.
  • Flutes come in several standard sizes such as A, B, C, E.
  • The most popular corrugated container, manufactured in a variety of flutes, A, B, AB, E, BE. All flaps are of the same depth, and the two outer flaps (normally the lengthwise flaps) are one-half of the container width, so that they meet at the centre of the box when folded.
  • This is a highly efficient design. The only overlap is the flap for gluing or stitching of the manufacturer’s joint, and the inner (or minor) flaps.
  • Printed Carton can be used for most products, and is the most common box style.
Single Face Rolls
  • Sample design: Sample designing to suit all your packaging needs are available from our production department. Provide us with your packaging requirements and we will pack it in a box for you.
  • Single Face Sheets:An attractive alternative to the more traditional form of packaging. These sheets are available in brown or white color. Single Face Sheets flute available at Far East Corrugated Carton : B and E.
  • Some popular die cut models
    Die cuts are custom made promotional boxes, and are often self closing with the closures designed into the packaging itself. The manufacturing process is different than from standard boxes, offering you a wider variety of materials.
  • 0215 Top tuck in flaps with tuck lock base.
  • 0217 Integral carrying handle and manual tuck lock base.
  • 0421 Top tuck in flap container with self locking sides.
  • 0422 Tray with self locking sides.
  • 0427 Top tuck in flaps with self locking sides.
  • 0716 Display Container with integral dividers and header.
Layer Pads

Corrugated cartons can do more than just pack stuff!

Protect and separate products

    1. Cushions products and guards against
      forklift damage.
    2. Use as an edge protector and stabilizer when stacking objects.
    3. Easily cuts to the size you need.
    4. Low minimums for custom cuts and scores.



    • We manufacture various styles of corrugated boxes as well as custom design boxes , a key focus of our operations is producing completely custom corrugated packaging to solve specific problems you may be experiencing or to tailor a solution to your exact requirements.

  • Corrugated Board

    • Owing to our in-depth knowledge in this domain, we are specialized in providing Corrugated Paper Board. Corrugated Paper Board has two main components. The liner board is the flat paper that makes up both sides of the board and the medium is the fluted paper in between the liners.