Single Face Rolls and Sheets
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Single Face Rolls and Sheets

Single Face Rolls and Sheets

Single face corrugated is a standard packaging, cushioning and Dunn age material that has been utilized in a wide range of industrial, decorative and structural applications. Throughout single face corrugated’s long life it has demonstrated its versatility time and time again. So whether your needs are for protection, padding or promotion, we can provide you complete single face solutions. Below we highlight some key uses for single face corrugated.

Single Face Rolls

Excellent as an industrial look retail wrapping paper, low cost industrial padding, and packing. Also for separating items, wrapping cylindrical shapes, protecting cabinets and furniture. Used for cushion wrapping, box liners, box pads and cut-to-size dividers. Flute size is indicated by letters: “A” flute is the largest, fluting about 4.5mm thick, and provides extra cushioning and shock absorbency. “B” flute is smaller, fluting about 2.8mm thick, and provides extra durability and crush resistance. Single Face roll flute available at FECC : A and B.

Single Face Sheets

An attractive alternative to the more traditional form of packaging. These sheets are available in brown or white color. Single Face Sheets flute available at FEP : B, E and F.